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Enneagram Types: 9 Personalities

Every person’s character is unique. But there are some general character behaviours with which we can classify different character types. Since ancient times, different character analysis studies have been carried out and different alternatives have emerged in this field. One of the most well-known of these is the Enneagram Test and Enneagram Types. Apart from these, there are different character test alternatives. For example, MBTI types (Myers Briggs Personality Types) and Character Analysis by 4 Colors are among them. You can also check them on our blog form detailed personality analyze.

In addition to other studies, the field of astrology can also classify human character with horoscopes. Different cultures use different horoscopes for this purpose. Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology and Chinese Astrology / Chinese zodiac signs are among them.

In this article, we will talk about the Enneagram Types, a character analysis method that emerged in ancient times and was used by important leaders like Alexander The Great. In this article, we will learn what is Enneagram, What are Enneagram Types etc. I will briefly include the Enneagram Wings, which give a different direction to the characters, and the examples of these enneagram characters from favorite TV series and movies. You will be able to access detailed analysis of each character type on its own page.

What is Enneagram?

Our first question is What is an Enneagram? We have mentioned MBTI types in previous character analysis articles. MBTI characters consisted of a total of 16 characters. In the Enneagram, the number of characters is slightly less. There are 9 types in total in the Enneagram. So the enneagram basically divides people into 9 Enneagram Types. However, since types have wing directions, each type can show the characteristics of the other type in different situations. In this context, different characters can emerge.

If we look at the question of what is an enneagram on a word-by-word basis, this word is a Greek word. “Ennea” means “nine” in Greek and “Gramma” means “any writing, a document or record”. This is already a reference to 9 enneagram personalities.

The Enneagram test, or character analysis, reveals people’s basic motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and areas of development. So when you find your enneagram type, you also do a personal SWOT analysis. Because each of the enneagram types has different positive or negative characteristics.

We answered the question of what is an enneagram. So what are the types of enneagrams? What basic features do the 9 enneagram types mentioned above have? If you want, let’s talk about the features of these types in a little more detail.

9 Enneagram Types

Enneagram basically divides people into 9 different types. These 9 ennegram types are referred to by both a name and a number. These Enneagram types are as follows:

  • Type 1 – Perfectionist
  • Type 2 – Helpful
  • Type 3 – Successful
  • Type 4 – Original
  • Type 5 – Observer
  • Type 6 – The Loyal Inquisitor
  • Type 7 – Adventurer
  • Type 8 – Challenger
  • Type 9 – Peacemaker

Now let’s look at the details of the enneagram types, respectively.

Enneagram Type 1 – Perfectionist

The first of the Enneagram types is Type 1, the Perfectionist Type. People with this character are quite idealistic and perfectionist. Enneagram Type 1 s are principled, prescriptive people who dedicate themselves to what they do. They want to do the best in everything, and with this desire, they will be useful to humanity in what they do. Perfection is important to them. They always strive to achieve better and want to live in harmony with their ideals.

Ennneagram Type 1 is most afraid of being flawed. And he is afraid to go outside the rules. Its main desire is to be balanced as a whole and to fulfill its responsibilities.

Best Jobs For Enneagram 1

The professions that fit the Enneagram Type 1, Perfectionist Type the most are professions such as lawyer, judge, dietitian, data analyst. Occupations that are not the most suitable for Enneagram1 s are those that are a little more flexible in terms of discipline, such as comedian, kindergarten teacher, acting.

Enneagram Type 1 Examples

To give an example of the perfectionist enneagram 1, we can give two different examples of characters, 1 wing 9 (1w9) idealists and 1 wing 2 (1w2) lawyers. Examples for 1w9 include Gandalf the White & Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings, and The Professor in the La Casa De Papel Series.

For 1 wing 2 (1w2), we can give examples of Elrond from the movie Lord of the Rings and Daenerys Targaryen from the TV series Game of Thrones.

Enneagram Type 2 – Helpful

The second of the Enneagram types is Type 2, the Helpful Type. This enneagram type is very helpful and striving for the people around him. Enneagram Type 2 people who put the needs of others before their own are very sincere and sympathetic people. They love to show attention, they are possessive and generous. Enneagram Helpful Types are loved by those around them.

Enneagram Type 2 ‘s are afraid of not being loved and valued. Their main motivation is to be loved. The weak point of the helpful type is that he has trouble saying no and can sometimes neglect himself.

Best Jobs For Enneagram 2

The occupations that best fit the Enneagram 2, Helpful Type are teaching, psychologist, secretarial, consulting, nursing, and social responsibility worker. Occupations where a Type 2 will have the most difficulty can be thought of as the military, accountancy, IT specialist, and police.

Enneagram Type 2 Examples

To give an example of the benevolent enneagram type, we can give examples of two different characters, 2 wing 1 (2w1) servants and 2 wing 3 (2w3) hospitable. Examples include Sir Davos in Game of Thrones for 2 wings 1 (2w1) and Boromir in Lord of the Rings for 2 wings 3 (2w3).

Enneagram Type 3 – Successful

Enneagram Type 3, Successful Type are highly talented, successful and self-confident people. Their determined and hardworking characters make them successful in what they do. They express themselves well and are leaders. Enneagram 3 s, who are very fond of their images, are masters of motivation in themselves. Although Enneagram Successful Types are compatible in human relationships, their relationships may vary from time to time. Enneagram Type 3 s are most afraid of failing. Success is synonymous with seeing value for them. Therefore, his main fear is to be worthless. Its main motivation is to attract attention, to feel valued and respected. The weakest point of the successful character is self-talk and ego.

Best Jobs For Enneagram 3

Enneagram Type 3, Entrepreneurship is the profession that best fits the Successful Type. Because these characters are very adept at starting their own business. Type 3’s are also good at professions such as journalism, directing, performing arts, and lawyers. The professions where a successful character will have the most difficulty are those in which career growth is not clear.

Enneagram Type 3 Examples

Examples of these are writing and engineering. If we give an example of the successful enneagram type, we can give two different examples of characters as 3 wings 2 (3w2) attractive and 3 wings 4 (3w4) professional. Jaime Lennister in Game of Thrones for 3 wing 2 (3w2) and Berlin in La Casa De Papel for 3 wing 4 (3w4) can be given as examples.

Enneagram Type 4 – Original

Enneagram Type 4, Original Type, is the character of sensitive people, especially with an artistic spirit. Enneagram 4 s, who are very deep, introverted people, express themselves best through art. Moods are changeable. They give great importance to thoughts and feelings. An Ennegram Type 4 is most afraid of being ordinary. Because he is a very original character and wants to be different from other people. Type 4’s primary motivation is to find meaning. The weak point of the original character is that they can easily become moody and depressed. It risks being a little melancholic.

Best Jobs For Enneagram 4

Occupations that fit Enneagram Type 4 are artistic professions such as designer, architecture, fashion, writing, painter, and acting. The professions that Type 4s will have difficulty with are legal jobs such as lawyers, judges, and police officers, where the rules are intense.

Enneagram Type 4 Examples

I think it would be more accurate to give examples of the original enneagram type from the history of art. We can explain the original enneagram characters with two different examples of characters, 4 wings 3 (4w3) aristocratic and 4 wings 5 (4w5) bohemian. 4 wings 3 (4w3) famous painter Salvador Dali is a good example. Again, 4 wing 5 (4w5) can be a great example for the bohemians Vincent Van Gogh.

Enneagram Type 5 – Observer

The 5th of the Enneagram Types, the Observer Investigative Type, is an enneagram type that loves learning and researching. These characters, who are highly equipped, learn the subject very well by having in-depth knowledge of the work they deal with. They read a lot and watch a lot. Enneagram 5 s are not a social character type, they like to be alone. They are very stubborn people. Enneagram Type 5s are most afraid of being useless, incompetent and ignorant. The main motivations of Type 5s are to be resourceful and adept. The weak point of the Observer Type is that they can be a bit arrogant. Because they read a lot and learn a lot, the way they use this information can give that image.

Best Jobs For Enneagram 5

Professions that fit Enneagram Type 5 stand out as science, academics and engineering. The professions that Type 5s will have the most difficulty with may be advertising, sales specialist and stage artist.

Enneagram Type 5 Examples

To give an example of the Observer enneagram type, we can give two different examples of characters as 5 wings 4 (5w4) iconbreakers and 5 wings 6 (5w6) problem solvers. For 5 wing 4 (5w4), we can give Jaqen-H-Ghar from Game of Thrones and Albert Einstein for a little more clarity. For 5 wings 6 (5w6), we can give Gandalf the Gray, that is, the first version of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movie this time.

Enneagram Type 6 – The Loyal Inquisitor

For the Enneagram Type 6, the Loyal Questioner Type, the most important thing is security. They want a safe and risk-free life. Dedicated to the people they are with, Enneagram Loyal Inquiry Types are highly reliable people. But they also have a worried and skeptical side. Enneagram Type 6 ‘s, who are quite rational people, have very developed problem-solving skills. They are prepared in the event of a problem, as they constantly think of worst-case scenarios. They don’t like innovation. The main fear of Enneagram Type 6 s is being unsafe and unsupported. Their main motivation is to have the support of others and to be safe. The weak point of the Loyal Questioner Type is that they can be overly suspicious and anxious.

The professions that fit into Enneagram 6 are professions such as teaching, consulting, and banking. Occupations that do not fit this character type the most are those with risk, such as entrepreneurship and investment specialist.

To give an example of the Loyal Inquisitor enneagram type, we can give two different examples of characters, 6 wing 5 (6w5) defenders and 6 wing 7 (6w7) bros. I will give these two examples again from The Lord of the Rings. Aragorn is a good example for the 6 wing 5 (6w5), while Bilbo Baggins is a good example for the 6 wing 7 (6w7).

Enneagram Type 7 – Adventurer

Enneagram Type 7, Adventurous Type, they are quite fun, pleasant people. They love to travel, discover new places and meet new people. They are open to innovation and extremely fond of their freedom. With their positive mood, they spread joy to their surroundings. Enneagram Type 7 s, who are versatile people, are somewhat hyperactive people. Type 7’s are the closest type of enneagram to the Live in the Moment philosophy. The main fear of Enneagram Type 7s is to be unhappy. Their main motivation is to avoid pain and enjoy independence and life. The weak point of the Adventurous is that they branch too much and can be a bit insatiable.

Occupations that fit Enneagram Type 7 are professions such as travelling, acting, life coaching, blogging. Occupations that do not fit this character type are those with a daily routine such as accountants, lawyers, and civil servants.

If we give an example of the adventurous, Enneagram 7, we can give two different examples of characters as 7 wings 6 (7w6) entertainers and 7 wings 8 (7w8) realists. Pippin in The Lord of the Rings and Jim Carrey from the world of cinema can be given as examples for 7 wing 5 (6w5).

In 7 wings 8 (6w8), we can give the besties in the La Casa De Papel series as an example. Tokyo, Denver and Nairobi. How compatible were they together?

Enneagram Type 8 – Challenger

Enneagram Type 8, the Challenger Type, is a character who is manager and takes control of people. Strength is very important for Enneagram 8, which is one of the hardworking and energetic enneagram types. They like to influence and manage people. They are self-confident, determined and strong-willed people. They are protective of the people around them. Type 8s value physical strength. The main fear of Enneagram Type 8s is being controlled and pressured by others. His main motivation is to be strong. Challenger, Chief Tip’s weak point is that he can be ambitious and arrogant towards weak people.

Professions that are more managerial are more suitable for Enneagram Type 8. Politicians, marketing managers, sales managers are among these jobs. The most difficult jobs for Type 8s are those that need to report. Examples of these are professions such as secretarial and accountant.

To give an example of the Enneagram Type 8, Chief enneagram type, we can give two different examples of characters as 8 wing 7 (8w7) mavericks and 8 wing 9 (8w9) bosses. For 8 wing 7 (8w7) mavericks, Arya Stark in Game of Thrones and Gimli in Lord of the Rings are good examples.

To give an example for 8 wing 9 (8w9)’s, The Hund in the Game of Thrones series and Eomer in the Lord of the Rings movie are good examples.

Enneagram Type 9 – Peacemaker

Enneagram Type 9, Peaceful Type are peaceful and calm characters. They do not like tension and chaos. Enneagram 9 s are harmonious, soft-faced, comforting and fatherly people. They don’t reveal much, but they are secret leaders. Peaceful Types, who are very good listeners, are adept at putting people at ease. The main fear of Enneagram Type 9s is loneliness and separation. Their main motivations are inner peace, harmony and balance. The weak point of the Peaceful Type is that they can be perceived as somewhat passive. They also have some difficulty seeing their own potential.

Occupations that fit Enneagram Type 9 are professions such as mediation, counseling, and therapist. The occupations that Type 9s will have the most difficulty with are those that require aggression.

If we give an example of the peaceful enneagram type, we can give two different examples of characters as 9 wing 1 (9w1) therapists and 9 wing 8 (9w8) referees. For 9 wings 1 (9w1) therapists, Arwen in The Lord of the Rings, Brandon Stark in Game of Thrones and Monica in La Casa De Papel are good examples. For 9 wing 8 (9w8) referees, we can also give Legolas and Treebeard from the movie Lord of the Rings.

Types of Enneagrams Final Word

In this article, we have mentioned what is enneagram, what are 9 enneagram types. We also touched on the professions for enneagram types, by including the character traits, basic motivations, fears, strengths and weaknesses of different enneagram types. You can also do this ennegram test yourself. In the enneagram test you do, your character must be very similar to one of these characters. So what type of enneagram is this? If you want, you can specify your type that appeared in the Enneagram test in the comments.

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