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Four Color Personality Types

One of the most basic Personality Type Analysis tests is undoubtedly the character analysis based on four different colors. According to this analysis, it is assumed that people are more predisposed to one of the 4 Personality Types. Accordingly, these colors are red, yellow, green and blue. In fact, this character analysis is somewhat similar to astrology and horoscopes. Here, we will focus on these Four Color Personality Types.

The behaviour of each color personality type are unique and these are very decisive for a basic character analysis. However, it may not be correct to say that a person belongs to only one color. At the same time, you can show the characteristics of more than one color, and you can use the two most dominant colors as a basis for this Personality Analysis .

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So, what do the details of this type of personality analysis, which is used quite often especially by human resources? Which color shows which character behaviors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each Color’s Personality Type?

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Four Color Personality Types

First of all, before moving on to these features, let’s emphasize the following. The four basic colors here do not represent one of your favorite colors. So, your personality is not determined by the color you like. Your color is determined according to your personality type and features, completely independent of the colors you like. This is related if you are a red character or yellow or blue or green.

Now let’s take a look at Four Color Personality Types and the characteristics of each color personality type.

Four Colors and Personality Characteristics

Red Personality

In Four Color Personality Types, Red personality types are dominant, manager and leader characters. These personality types are business-oriented, result-oriented, determined people. Red personality types who like to take control can come up with practical solutions to overcome difficulties. Reds with high self-confidence are also very independent spirits. They like competition, can multitask and manage time well. They are particularly suitable for managerial positions. Red characters do not like criticism very much. They mostly want to do things their own way. They don’t like getting help. They make a lot of effort to stay upright all the time. They have a tendency to always justify themselves.

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Red Personality Type

Yellow Personality

In personality analysis defined by colors, Yellow characters are funny, cheerful and highly energic people. The yellow personality types, who are quite social, have a highly developed sense of humor. They are messy people. Their creativity and ability to communicate with people are at a high level. They can have a very good career, especially in the entertainment industry.

They are not very detailed. They don’t think too much about the details. So they need someone to pick them up, albeit a little careless. Yellow characters, who love to talk, believe people quite quickly. They are a little childlike and fascinate with their ready answers. Boring environments have the ability to change their energy. They are very curious characters and make friends easily.

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Yellow Personality Type

Green Personality

Green personalities are peacefulcalm and patient people. More introverted people who are loyal to their work and friends and do not like conflicts, are greens. Green personality types, a natural mediator, are a very compatible teammate. Greens, who are very disciplined and hardworking, do not like clutter.

Greens have some trouble about saying no. Because they don’t want to offend anyone. The mild-mannered green personalities don’t open up about emotions much. Even if there is a storm inside, they try not to show it to the outside. Greens is a very self-sacrificing and self-compromising personality.

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Green Personality Type

Blue Personality

Blue personalities are perfectionistslogical and planned people. The analytical side of the blues, which tends to be quite neat and organized, is highly developed. They live in a planned and programmed way. They do not trust people easily and they realize their own mistakes very quickly and try to correct them.

The rules are exactly according to the blue personality types. They like to follow the rules and live by the rules. Cautious and detail-oriented people usually come out of blue personality types. Blues, whose standards are quite high, also attach importance to seriousness.

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Blue Personality Type

How About Your Color?

We have mentioned four colors and personality types associated with these colors in this Four Color Personality Types post. We have talked on the advantages and disadvantages of each personality color . So what is your personality color? Are you a dominant and ruling character like red character like green and can’t say no? Are you a cheerful, energetic and radiant character like yellow, or a prescriptive, analytical and perfectionist like blue? You can mention your personality type in comments below.

As we mentioned before, even if one color is dominant for you, you can also show the characteristics of more than one color. You can be a person who can be expressed with only one color, or you can be a person who can be expressed with two different colors. For example, you may be a full yellow character, or you may have a character structure that is dominated by a little yellow and a little red. You may have sprinkled something from other colors in between.

Personality Analysis is a very detailed study. Of course, we can’t basically divide people into four category with only Four Color Personality Types. Every person is unique and have different behaviors. Here, our aim is to share a generally used personality type Analysis with you, and to give you basic information in this field. I hope this article was useful to you.

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