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MBTI Types

What is the MBTI Test?

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is a popular character analysis method based on the personality, character and archetypes studies of Carl Gustav Jung, one of the founders of psychiatry. MBTI Types Test method was prepared by Katharina Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers. This MBTI Types method consists of 16 combinations based on two different values of 4 different personality traits. This basically divides people into 16 separate personalities. The MBTI Test is a character analysis test based on asking people specific questions to find out which of these characters they belong to.

Of course, every person is special and different. This personality analysis method categorizes people only according to certain common characteristics. At this point, you can liken this method to horoscopes. But you should not overlook that it is a more scientific and proven method than horoscopes.

The Myers-Briggs personality test is often used, especially in recruitment. The character of the candidates is learned by the MBTI test, and it is determined more accurately whether they are suitable for the determined position.

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16 Different MBTI Personality Types by 4 Points So, what are the 4 different points that MBTI Character Test uses to reveal these 16 character types? In other words, according to which 4 questions are MBTI characters formed? These questions and points are as follows:

Where is the person focusing their energy and attention? Around him or himself? According to this;

  • E (Extraversion)
  • I (Introversion)

How does the person receive the information? Is he acting prudently or trusting his intuition? According to this;

  • S (Sensing)
  • N (Intuition)

How does the person make decisions? Does he make decisions based on his thoughts or on his feelings? According to this;

  • T (Thinking)
  • F (Feeling)

How is the person’s orientation to the outside world? Is it more judgmental or perception-oriented? According to this;

  • J (Judging)
  • P (Perceiving)

So what do these binary groups mean? If you want, let’s go into their details a little bit. By focusing on these details, you can determine your own type.

So which of these MBTI pairs suits you better? Did you discover the 4 letters that represent you?

As seen here, each of these four questions has two distinct options, and each character is more inclined towards one of them. Accordingly, 16 different MBTI types appear with different combinations. These character types are also expressed with a 4-letter word consisting of the initials of their characteristics. So what are these four letter MBTI character types? What category do these types fall into?

These MBTI Types and their groups are as follows:

Craftsmen / Explorers category;

  • ESTP Entrepreneurs
  • ISTP Masters
  • ESFP Players, Entertainers
  • ISFP Adventurers

Adventurer Guardians / Watchers category;

  • ESTJ Supervisors, Executives
  • ISTJ Investigators, Logisticians
  • ESFJ Supporters, Consuls
  • ISFJ Protectors, Defenders

Idealists / Diplomats Category;

  • ENFJ Teachers, Protagonists
  • INFJ Consultants, Advocates
  • INFP Healers, Mediators
  • ENFP Champions, Campaigners

Rationalists / Analysts Category;

  • ENTJ Commanders
  • INTJ Architects
  • ENTP Debaters
  • INTP Logicists

The reason why these 16 MBTI Types are divided among themselves is because of the following four basic MBTI character types. So, in these above combinations, the types that contain the two particular combinations also form a group.

Types in the category expressed as craftsmen are prudent, working with their perceptions and understanding. ESTP, ISTP, ESFP, ISFP are members of this group. In short, types with SP.

The Protectors category are people of both prudent and judgmental character. These types include ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ types. In short, the types with SJ.

Idealists are people who act both intuitively and emotionally. Members of this group are, ENFJ, INFJ, INFP, ENFP. In short, types with NF.

Types in the category expressed as rationalists are bottoms that act more with intuition and thoughts. This group includes ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP, INTP types. In short, types with NT.

MBTI Test: 16 Different MBTI Types and MBTI Personalities

Each MBTI character determined by the MBTI test has its own characteristics. These features are advantageous or disadvantageous according to their place. Here, it is absolutely impossible to call any character good or bad. Because each character has strengths and weaknesses.

With the MBTI method, it can be more or less determined whether a person is suitable for a particular job or condition. Of course, we cannot say that this gives a definite result. The goal here is just to find what the person is prone to.

So without wasting time, let’s take a closer look at the 16 different character types of MBTI. For the sake of being catchy here, I will match these character types with popular movie and TV series characters. With this method, I think MBTI types will be better in your mind. Lets start then.

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