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The Dark Triad In Psychology

People have different characters. Every person has a unique character. While some characters strive for the development and benefit of humanity as well as their own development and benefits, there are some characters who only strive for their own benefit. And in line with these interests, they do not hesitate to violate the general rules and moral laws of the society. In this article, we will talk about these characters. We will cover machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy which is called the dark triad in psychology. At the end of the article, we will have the opportunity to test ourselves by including a dark triad test.

Dhe Dark Triad

When the dark triad is mentioned in psychology, three basic character types come to mind. All three of these character types are bad characters. Of course, there are some features that determine these characters. These features, in particular, lack of empathy, thinking only of himself and doing everything for his own benefit. Although we all have these character traits more or less, when these traits exceed a certain value, they transform the person into these characters. So, who are these dark triad characters? Here are the dark triad personalities in psychology:

  • Machiavellian
  • Narcissist
  • Psychopat

Machiavellian, is an opportunistic personality.

Narcissist, is self-centered personality who thinks only of himself.

Psychopat, is a personality without empathy.

the dark triad test Machiavellian Narcissist Psychopat dinginyasam

The most basic features that these three people basically share are their insensitivity, bad intentions, thinking only of themselves, being hypocritical and aggressive. Again, regretting and feeling ashamed of a bad thing he did is one of the social and moral rules. In the dark triad characters, these feelings are either very weak or absent. If you want, let’s take a look at the detailed character descriptions of the dark triad. After that, we will look at 12 Questions of dark triad test


The first dark triad personality is Machiavellian personality, the opportunistic personality. It is atype of personality that can use people for their purposes without any hesitation or guilt. They can do anything for their personal gain.

Their ability to empathize with people is quite weak, they only pretend to be empathetic when their interests require it. This is too superficial. Like other dark triad characters, they don’t form deep relationships with people.

Although they can be successful in certain areas, this success leaves a wreck behind. Many used people have a hostility towards these people. Therefore, the success of a Machiavellian person is rather risky. Because it is not deserved, it is obtained by using people and it collects a lot of enemies behind. Machiavellians do not take into account the general moral rules of society. This easily leads them to evil. A Machiavellian does not hesitate to do immoral acts for his purpose. Machiavellianists, who are very weak in emotion, cannot feel it not only outwardly, but also from within. They are also almost blind to their own emotions.


The second dark triad personality is the narcissist. A narcissist has an egocentric personality type that thinks only of itself. While a certain level of self-love is good for a person, too much can lead to narcissism.

One of the main characteristics of narcissism is a lack of empathy. A narcissist does not think about the other person, so he/she cannot build a real emotional closeness with the other person.

Their self-confidence seems pretty high, but inside, it’s the opposite. They get very angry with criticism, they even turn a blind eye to constructive criticism. They just like to go on the path they know, and they gather around them those who flatter them on this path.

A narcissist can easily influence the opposite sex. Because narcissists are highly attractive. The person who is initially attracted to the narcissist may later become its slave. Because the love a narcissist shows is just for show. He/She really only loves himself.

A narcissist who are very interested in personal fame will do anything for this purpose.


The second dark triad personality is Psychopath or Sociopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder). While there are certain minor differences between them, both are personalities that fall into this category and are studied in this context.

One of the most basic features of psychopathy is a lack of empathy. While other members of the dark triad may have little empathy, psychopaths have zero empathy. They do not feel the emotion, sadness and pain of the other person. This is because this area of their brain is underdeveloped or damaged.

Psychopathic people do not feel fear, stress or tension in any event. They are indifferent to situations that put other people in a lot of stress. In a very stressful moment, they neither sweat, nor tremble, nor can they see any signs of their blood pressure. This is one of the most basic points of distinguishing a psychopath.

Their fearlessness also makes psychopaths more prone to crime. Because they are not afraid of the sanctions and punishments that the consequences of the crime will bring. Since they do not have a sense of empathy, they do not feel remorse or shame for giving people a break.

The Dark Triad Test

Well, we learned about the dark triad in psychology. So, do we have these features too? Although limited, every person has these characteristics more or less. So in this dark triad test, we’re going to measure that ratio.

In 2010, two psychologists, Peter K. Jonason and Gregory D. Webster created a dark triad test. They called this dark triad test as “Dark Dozen” scale. Accordingly, they ask the participants 12 questions and ask them to give answers between 1 and 7. 1 means almost nothing, while 7 means I agree quite a lot in this test. It is determined whether the participants, who get a value between 12 and 84 in total, are prone to any or more of the dark triad.

So without wasting time, let’s move on to the dark triad test questions:

  1. I manipulate others to get what I want.
  2. I have lied and cheated on others to get what I want.
  3. I have been flattered and flattered to get what I want.
  4. I exploit others to achieve my goal, I use others for my own benefit.
  5. I don’t feel remorse, I don’t feel remorse.
  6. I don’t care much for the moral dimension of my actions.
  7. I am emotionless and insensitive.
  8. I don’t believe in goodness.
  9. I want others to like me very much, to admire me.
  10. I want everyone to pay attention to me.
  11. I seek to achieve great prestige and high position in society.
  12. I expect others to always favor me.

How was the result of the dark triad test? The height of the scores you give here also shows your closeness to the dark triad. The higher the score, the closer to showing this trend. 45 and higher values are a high score for this test. We hope your results is at lower levels.

So which of these questions is it about which dark trio? Questions 1, 5, 7 and 10 are about Machiavellianism, while questions 3, 8, 11 and 12 are narcissistic, and questions 2,4, 6 and 9 are about psychopathy. By looking at your answers to these questions, you can find out which of the dark three you are closest to. Of course, we wish you to be as far away as possible 🙂


Social Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

The Dirty Dozen: A Concise Measure of the Dark Triad – Peter K. Jonason, Gregory D. Webster

the dark triad test Machiavellian Narcissist Psychopat dinginyasam.com

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