Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga is one of the most fundamental activities that will bring us mentally, physically and spiritually to wholeness. Yoga, each of which is done with different and special yoga poses, both improves us physically and enables us to relax spiritually. So what are the yoga poses for beginners? Which yoga pose, how do you do it and what are the benefits of these yoga poses? In this article, we will talk about these yoga poses, namely yoga postures. You can also use some of the yoga poses as meditation poses.

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Standing Yoga Poses

Yoga Mountain Pose (Tahdahsanna)

are yoga initial postures developed to activate the energy centers in the body, increase awareness, and ensure the integrity of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga mountain pose is one of the most basic yoga asana postures and it is one of the starting positions of standing yoga poses. So how do you make a mountain pose, also known as Tahdahsanna?

For the Yoga Mountain pose, you must stand. Your feet and toes should be firmly on the ground, and your weight should be the same on both sides. You should stand with your arms at your sides, palms facing forward. In this pose where you will completely free your arms, it is very important to pay attention to your breathing and, if possible, take diaphragmatic breathing.

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Sitting Yoga Poses

Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

The easy sitting yoga pose made by sitting from the beginning of other yoga poses and it is a very relaxing pose. This pose is also one of the basic meditation asanas. The easy sit yoga pose is a pose in which you focus on your back. It is a very useful action to reduce stress. So how to do yoga easy sitting motion?

For this pose that is also one of the yoga poses for beginners, you must first sit cross-legged on a flat floor or yoga mat. Here, initially, your right leg should be below and your left leg should be above. Place your hands on your knees with your thumb and index fingers together and palms facing up. It is very important that you try to stand as upright as possible here. You should even feel a stretch in your back. Try to bring your chest forward as much as possible and throw your shoulders back. By doing this, you will be able to stand even more upright. While doing these poses, if you can take diaphragmatic breathing, you should take diaphragmatic breathing and relax by freeing yourself as much as possible. You have to repeat the same pose, this time cross-legged, with your left leg on top. You can also use the easy sitting pose, which is one of the starting yoga poses performed by sitting, during meditation.

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Balancing Yoga Poses

Lord of The Dance Pose (Natarajasana)

The lord of dance pose, which is one of the balancing Yoga poses, is one of the standing poses. This pose, which increases your balance, concentration and awareness, relieves joint pain and improves your back, leg, arm and shoulder muscles. So how do you do yoga lord of dance pose?

In order to do this pose, which is one of the yoga poses you will do standing, you first need to stand in a balanced standing position. Then try to hold your right big toe with your right hand, bending your right knee. Extend your left hand forward to create balance while stretching your right leg. You can start doing this pose in less than 1 minute and then increase this time up to 2 minutes. You can repeat the same pose with the opposite hand and sweaty foot.

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Bridge Yoga Poses

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

The Cobra Pose, or Bhujangasana, is one of the bridge yoga poses for beginners. It is especially useful for stretching the waist area. So how is Yoga Cobra Pose done?

Of the yoga poses, for the Cobra pose, you first need to lie face down on the floor or on a yoga mat. You should be positioned with your arms slightly apart from your body and palms facing the ground. Taking a deep breath, you should push your shoulders upwards, lifting your head, then your chest, and your hands in this way. After staying for a while in this yoga cobra pose where you will stretch your feet and legs on the mat, you should let yourself go towards the ground while exhaling.

yoga kobra hareketi Bhujangasana

Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

Cow Pose, also known as Bitilasana, is a very important pose, especially in terms of relieving body posture and back pain. One of the yoga poses, this pose is one of the bridge yoga poses for beginners. So how is the yoga cow pose done?

Even though it is referred to as a cow pose, you stand on your knees and hands, with the upper part of your feet and palms on the ground, in this pose, which is also like a dog posture, on the floor or on your yoga mat. This pose, which is done together with the yoga cat pose, is actually the opposite of the cat pose. In yoga cat pose, the abdomen is pulled in and the back is pushed up, while in cow pose the back is pushed down and the abdomen is brought out. Again, in the yoga cat pose, the neck and head are pulled in, while in the yoga cow pose, the neck and head are brought out. The important thing in cow pose is to feel a stretch in your back and abdomen and to stimulate the development of these parts.

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Bridge Pose (Settoobahndah)

Yoga Bridge Pose is one of the yoga poses for beginners that are very beneficial especially for your back. For the bridge pose, which is one of the yoga poses for beginners on the floor, you should first lie on the floor or on your yoga mat. For this pose, you must bend your knees and keep your feet pressed on the ground. You should clasp your hands under your body and lift your body with support from them. You will feel a stretch in your back in this yoga bridge pose where your head will be on the ground. You should repeat this pose several times, pushing your body up and relaxing down.

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Core Yoga Poses

Cat Pose (Marjaryasana)

Cat pose, also known as Marjaryasana, is one of the Core Yoga poses for beginners, one of the yoga posesthat strengthens the spine, and is an important poseespecially for the abdominal area. Yoga Cat pose, which improves abdominal and back muscles, is a yoga pose that you can do very easily at home. Yoga cat pose combined with cow pose also has a stress-reducing and relaxing effect. So how is the cat pose done?

yoga kedi pozu Marjaryasana

For the cat pose you will do on the ground, you should first stand on your knees and hands. Here the top of your feet and palms should be on the ground. In this yoga pose that you will ask by pulling your stomach in, you have to pull your head between your arms. The important thing here is to feel a tension in your back and abdominal area and to stimulate the development of these parts. While doing this pose, paying special attention to your neck, doing the pose slowly will prevent possible injuries. After this pose, you have to go into the cow pose and repeat both poses several times.

Floor Ground Yoga Poses

Childs Pose (Balasana)

Child pose is one of the yoga poses for beginners performed on the floor in yoga. You can do this very relaxing yoga pose for 1-3 minutes. For this pose, you first need to kneel on your yoga mat. You should sit with the top of your feet on the floor. Then you need to close in a way to put your head between your arms. You stretch your arms forward, with your hands and palms on the ground.

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This pose, which should be done especially by office workers or computer workers, is a yoka pose that will relax your back. Child pose, which is an act that regulates your breathing and digestion, is also good for constipation. It also relaxes your mind and body.

Strengthening Yoga Poses

Yoga Dolphin Pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana)

Dolphin plank pose is one of the yoga poses that will help you fight depression especially. This pose is one that strengthens your shoulder area and arms. It is also beneficial for the elongation of your back area. The Yoga Dolphin pose also enhances the return poses that skiers make.

As you push yourself forward with the dolphin stance, the emotions you hide are almost revealed. Accompanying this pose with various affirmations can do wonders.

Yoga yunus Hareketi Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

So how is dolphin pose done? In this pose, while standing on your yoga mat, slowly lean forward. You should take an inverted V position with your feet and head. To do this, take support from your arms and support your arms on both sides of your head. Dolphin pose, one of the strengthening yoga poses, will be very good for you.

Yoga Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

This strengthening yoga pose, which is one of the yoga poses for beginners that focuses especially on the hips and upper leg area, can be performed standing or leaning against a wall.

This pose can be beneficial for insomnia, headache, low blood pressure, ie low blood pressure.

Yoga Sandalya Hareketi Utkatasana

So how is the yoga chair pose, Utkanasana done? For this pose, first lift your arms parallel to each other. Then, bend your knees, enter a pose as if you were sitting on a chair. Try to keep your hips at heel level. Since this pose will put a strain on your knees, you should be careful not to get injured at this point.

Twist Yoga Poses

Yoga Marichi 2 Pose (Marichyasana)

The Marichi 2 pose, which is one of the yoga poses for beginners performed by twisting, is a very nice pose for your spine. Especially if you are a frequent desktop or computer worker, the Marichi 2 pose is for you. So how is the Marichi 2 pose done by stretching your spine and making it stronger?

Yoga Marichi 2 Pozu yoga hareketleri

For the Marichi 2 Pose, first sit upright with your feet stretched out on the yoga mat. Bend your left knee, resting your right elbow on your right knee. With your hand open, you should look to the left and slowly turn your body, your spine, in that direction. While doing this, you should get support from the ground with your left hand. Yoga Marichi 2 pose will be very good!

Forward Bending Yoga Poses

Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana)

Padangusthasana, which is a yoga pose done by leaning forward, is a pose that requires a lot of flexibility. But the benefits are as great as the difficulty. This action, which activates many important hormones in the body, also works your digestive system, kidneys and liver. The toe pose, which is one of the yoga poses that is good for menstrual cramps, is a pose that also corrects your mind and psychology. So, how is the toe pose done?

yoga kareketleri Ayak Parmagi Pozu

For the yoga toe pose (Padangusthasana) , you must stand on the yoga mat. You should put your hands under your feet without bending your knees and wait in this position. This pose is one of the most difficult yoga exercises. So if you don’t have the flexibility to make this move, you should be careful about it.

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